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Review: May Day Murders by Jennifer David Hesse

This is one of my books to review from Netgalley. I chose it because it has that magical realism aspect, I also like the idea of a series of books based around the seasons.

Keli is an attorney building her own practice, she’s also a semi closeted Wiccan. When an ill-fated favour for a friend lands her not only in the middle of a murder investigation, but also a person of interest in the investigation, Keli attempts to clear her name, find the real killer, and save her reputation. Whilst also struggling with her now public identity as a practising Wiccan.

I loved this book!! It was a nice quick read, no complicated texts, although some things, I felt, were a little bit over explained. Saying that it was a good engaging story, the characters were well developed, and I love it when I feel I’ve learnt something from a book too. As there was also a nice touch where Hesse gives a few little insights into the life of a practicing Wiccans. As a pagan myself, it was actually quite a joy to read these aspects openly described in the book. I hope that this could also help any non-esoteric types gain a better insight into what Wicca is really all about.

This is the fifth book in a series. I haven’t actually read any of the other books in the series, so was a little worried that there would be a lot of references that wouldn’t make sense, or characters with pre-existing back story. Surprisingly had a good standalone storyline, I thoroughly enjoyed it without needing any prior knowledge of the series. All the characters were well introduced and any references to past events were relevant to the story and had a brief explanation with it.

In fact, I enjoyed this so much, I’ve now purchased Midsummer nights mischief (book one in the Wiccan wheel mystery series)

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