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Review: Hazel and Holly by Sara C.Snider

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Holly and Hazel are two Witch sisters living in an idyllic little community called the Grove where Witches and Warlocks practice elemental magic.
However Hazel is unsettled in their comfortable little lives, as their estranged father has turned to the dark magic of Necromancy and trapped their dead mothers soul.
Hazel needs to muster all the strength she can, both magical and emotional to travel outside the safety of their little community to find their father and free their mother. With a little help from her sister Holly, a couple of Warlock brothers and a Cellar Gnome, of course.
This was a really enjoyable read, Hazel and Holly were both very well thought out characters that you couldn’t help getting involved in their adventure. At one point whilst doing some housework I actually found myself thinking “I wonder how Holly and Hazel are getting on?” So I was definitely engaged. So it came as no surprise to me, whilst reading the authors notes, to learn that this was originally a flash fiction story that the author then expanded and serialised on her blog. It’s that style of writing, that feeling of anticipation you get for the next part of the book that I feel keeps the reader engaged and wanting to read more.
Unfortunately Ash and Willow (Holly and Hazels parents) weren’t really substantial enough for my liking, despite the fact that the whole story revolves around the acts of these two characters there wasn’t a lot of depth in them. However this doesn’t detract from the story as Hazel and Holly (and also Hemlock and Hawthorn the two warlock brothers) are big enough characters in their own right to carry the story.
There is a promise of potentially more to come from these Sisters, I look forward to it.

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