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So very Excited!!

I received a little gift today.

Basically, ever since Waterstones quarterly magazine went the way of the Dodo I’ve been trying to find a regular source for information on new book releases and such. I know there are plenty of webpages and blogs out there (my go-to one for the last few years being Lovereading) However, I do like having a magazine that I can keep on me and just dip in and out of.

Then a few months ago I was introduced to NBmagazine which is a great online source for book news and reviews and they also do a quarterly magazine. Whilst looking through their subscription options I discovered they do a gift subscription for £99 where you not only receive the magazine but also “a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year”. So, excited little bibliophile that I am had to use all the restraint that I had to wait until payday to get this subscription.

Alas, just before payday my car broke, and I had to be a grown up and get it fixed rather than get my subscription, but the fates were smiling on me. As my next payday drew ever nearer the gift subscription went on offer for £79!!! of course, by this point even if the roof caved in on my house there was no way I was going to miss this chance, so subscribe I did.

Shortly after, I received a very friendly email thanking me for my subscription and asking me to fill in a quick form so they could personalise my book gift each month.

Then two weeks later my parcel arrives, and it’s like Christmas all over again!!

This is what I received:20190418_105841

  • NB Magazine
  • A Welcome card
  • A NB postcard (very handy as a bookmark)
  • A lovely little handwritten welcome note
  • My paperback book gift
  • a FREE hardback book (to say thankyou for subscribing)



I was so thrilled to receive all of this, and am really looking forward to seeing what book I get each month.

Reading Roulette 

Just a little addendum here, my reading roulette pick for this month was ‘Citizens’ by Simon Schama,20190402_160919 which is 949 pages of small type so I had a feeling I might struggle to finish that by the end of April, (seeing as I haven’t yet finished The Natural History of Selborne) Fortunately I came across a tip whilst reading an article on the Penguin site entitles  “How to navigate your way through the longest classic books” this tip suggested dividing the book up into manageable chunks. So seeing as there are 19 chapters in Citizens I think I shall read a chapter a day, alongside my current reading list. So that review will be a little later than usual. If this works, I might finally tackle ‘Les Miserables’!


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