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Book Review: ‘Three Hours’ by Rosamund Lupton

I’ve read a few Rosamund Lupton books, and I’ve really enjoyed them. She has the right kind of Thriller/mystery aspect that just keeps you hooked. So when I was asked if I would be interested in reading a proof copy of her new book ‘Three Hours’ and reviewing it, of course I said “YES”

Rosamund Lupton has done it again, she’s pulled me in with another of her thrilling stories.
I started reading this book just after lunch, next thing I know its 7:30pm and my husband’s wondering where his tea is!!
I was hooked from the very first paragraph. Rosamund Luptons use of language forms such a strong descriptive start to the story that you just flow through the rest so easily.
It’s hard to describe exactly what ‘Three hours’ is, as it is so many things. The blurb puts it as a “tale told from the point of view of people at the heart of a school under siege” I suppose that is it in a nutshell but it doesn’t even begin to describe the heart and emotion contained within, or even prepare you for the emotional journey that you’ll go on with them.
It’s also hard to describe without giving too much away, as the story unfolds in such a way that after each chapter you realise that something much bigger is at play here.
Basically I loved it, in case you hadn’t guessed. It is just so well written and thought out. I should imagine that it’s hard to write about this subject and keep a balance within the boundaries of either over glamourising or trivialising things for entertainment value. So my hat goes off to Rosamund Lupton, for not only keeping the perfect balance but writing the characters in such a way they came to life in front of you and you could empathise with every one.

It’s down for a release in January 2020, and I just can’t wait for others to read it, as there is so much about it I want to discuss.


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