Reading Rush

Reading Rush – Day 1

Day One complete, and what fun!20190722_180405

I even managed to finish a book today, Gobbolino the Witches Cat. So, it’s a childrens book with only 244 pages so it wasn’t really a slog, but I chose it for day 1 as I thought i’d quite like to start and finish a book on the first day too.

I even joined in a Twitter Sprint, which I now know what they are. Basically, you follow the instructions of whoever is leading the sprint so you could be reading for 5 minutes to about 15/20 minutes, depending on their choice. Then they ask you something about the book you’re reading. Some of the ones I had yesterday were;

  • Take a picture of your book next to something the same colour
  • Take a picture of the weirdest word on your current page
  • Go to page 54 pick a word and finish this sentence . .
  • Explain whats going on in your book right now using just Emoji’s

eyre(As you can see I’ve started reading ‘The Eyre Affair’ now, onwards and upwards!)

It’s like an online bookish scavenger hunt, so I will definitely be joining more.

Anyway, Stats for Day 1 are;

Pages read: 266
Time spent Reading: 2hrs 15mins
Books Finished: One (Gobbolino the Witches Cat)

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