Reading Rush

Reading Rush – Day 2

It’s been a bit of a slow start today. Lots to do, working until 5:30, had to go home and let the dogs out and hang the washing at lunchtime so couldn’t read then. Got a couple of hours in in the evening though, so ended the day just shy of my target time. I’ve got the next two days off though, so im sure i’ll be able to make up a bit of time then.

Still on ‘The Eyre Affair’, nearly halfway through, and it’s a good read so far.  I think i’m going to like the series. Although i’m not sure if I could class this as a 5 star read, so I may have to look into that one again.

Buggered up a bit with my Bookly app unfortunately. When you add a book on the a20190724_080243pp you can update it with ‘pages‘ or ‘percentage‘, I forgot this and whilst reading ‘the Eyre Affair’ on the kindle, which has your progress in ‘percentage‘, the app had defaulted to ‘pages’. This was fine for the first couple of times as I just converted my percentage to pages, then this started to get a bit tiresome so I went to the ‘edit Book’ option and changed it to ‘percentage’. BIG MISTAKE!! It reset my page count! Despite the fact my list of reading sessions was still there, my total page count was gone and I couldn’t get it back, and have somehow now ended up on a negative page count.

So be warned all Bookly App users, DO NOT edit the book whilst you’re in the middle of reading it. I just hope that doesn’t affect my weekly stats.

Joined in with another couple of Twitter sprints, oddly enough not as interactive as yesterdays, but still fun. One of the questions after a sprint was share a picture of your favourite quote so far. 20190723_213529
I liked this one, was quite funny, and I may even use it in future.

Stats for Day 2 are:
Pages read: 131
Time spent Reading: 2hrs 45mins
Books Finished: 0

Challenge so far Stats:
Pages read: 397
Time spent Reading: 5hrs
Books Finished: One (Gobbolino the Witches Cat)

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