Reading Rush

Reading Rush – Day 4

Well today wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, I didn’t quite get to finish ‘Practical Magic’.

I have many exgiphycuses. I had to do my weekly food shop, I had to watch the movie of ‘Practical Magic’ to go with the challenge, my husband finished work early so wanted to go out for the afternoon, but my best excuse is . . . I was storm watching!


We had a hell of a storm, the heat has been so intense lately it was inevitable. We live by the sea so the storm had travelled up the coast, we were standing in the garden watching it when the rain and wind got a little too much so we carried on watching it from the upstairs window. It’s mesmerizing stuff.

photo courtesy of ‘Visit Felixstowe’ via Facebook

In fairness to me I did finish the day with just half an hour left in the book. Unfortunately I had to be up early for work the next day and had stayed up later than I should have already. So I admitted defeat, and finished the day ahead of my planned schedule for the week, but behind in my plans for the day.

Stats for Day 4 are:
Pages read: 171
Time spent Reading: 3hrs 52mins
Books Finished: 0

Challenge so far Stats:
Pages read: 866
Time spent Reading: 14hrs 49mins
Books Finished: 2 (Gobbolino the Witches Cat, The Eyre Affair)

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