Reading Rush

Reading Rush – Day 7 (Final Day)

As I write this readers across the pond are taking part in one of the final Twitter Sprints of The Reading Rush 2019, but I have finished!

Technically I finished my challenges on Day 6, but I got an extra couple of reads in and ended up just one book shy of the ‘read seven books’ badge.

So seeing as my challenges were done I didn’t really go full throttle into todays events. I had started reading ‘Lanny’ by Max Porter on the previous night and finished it today. Despite the fact that it really messed with my head at first I really got into it, I enjoyed it so much I have written up a review for it, which is here. I had quite a bit of the afternoon/evening left and thought to myself, “Do I call it quits now, or attempt for another book?” after about 5 minutes deliberation I attempted for another book and ‘The Sense of an Ending’ by Julian Barnes was my final read for the Reading Rush.

(and as a little bit of luck would have it, whilst being involved with this reading challenge I also managed to complete my ‘Goodreads’ yearly reading goal challenge. 50 books read this year!)Screenshot_20190728-170541_Goodreads

I did take part in a twitter sprint today which was quite interactive, one challenge was a ‘throwback’ challenge and I had to share a past picture of me reading. Well due to my love of the ‘Bookstagram’ tag I do indeed have pictures of me reading (just not my face) so decided to share one from September 2017 of our little Daisy snuggling up with me whilst I was reading. The host of the sprint thought it was cute, and as it happened Daisy was also snuggle up with me at that moment, so I took a picture of her at that moment and shared that too. She IS a snuggler!!


I have really enjoyed the Reading Rush, I especially loved the interactivity of it all. the Twitter Sprints, the Instagram challenges, there was also a Scavenger hunt at one point but I missed it due to the whole timezone difference. I think I will definitely be joining in next year, AND getting others involved. depending on how things go I may even book some time off work for it.

So for the final time

Stats for Day 7 are:
Pages read: 296
Time spent Reading: 7hrs 12mins
Books Finished: 2 (Lanny & the Sense of an Ending)

Challenge so far Stats:
Pages read: 1462
Time spent Reading: 29hrs 40mins
Books Finished: 6 (Gobbolino the Witches Cat, The Eyre Affair, Practical Magic, How to Marry a Werewolf, Lanny & The sense of an Ending)


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