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Happy New Bookish Year

New Year, New Me, New Book club!

Well, two of those at least. It is most certainly a new year, i have joined a new book club, but im not bothering with all the falafing about with new resolutions.

So, the new book club. Unfortunately due to a lack of interest my old book club disbanded last October. i still have regular meet ups with the organiser of the old book club so i got something out of that.

My new book club, is actually a new book club in itself. The organisers of the local book festival have decided to start a book club featuring books that are going to be part of this years book festival. its a good concept.

So this months books were Pity the dead by Nichola Upson, and Blood Orange by Hariet Tryce. Seeing as I only found out about this book club four days before the actually meetup I decided to read ¬

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