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The ULTIMATE Book Challenge

Any followers will know I participated in my first proper reading challenges last year, I had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So of course I was keen to really hit the ground running with challenges this year. Of course there’s my Goodreads challenge, that goes without saying. I haven’t taken part in the Penguin challenge this year, as I found it quite restricting having a certain book to read each month as well as my monthly book club read. I’ve joined the ever popular POPSUGAR reading challenge, they have a 20’s theme this year and there are a fair amount of prompts in there that I think will be a bit of fun to fulfil. (Here’s a little sneak peak at my reading challenge journal, set up specifically for the POPSUGAR one, but will be using it for others.)

I will definitely be joining in the Reading Rush challenge again this year. Also, I’ve heard a lot about the O.W.L.S Magical readathon in April so if I remember I’d like to get involved in that too.

My ultimate reading challenge for the year though is one that also involves a self imposed book buying ban!!!


I know, hard to imagine right, but it serves a purpose. My absolutely fantastic brother bought me a certificate for a reading spa at Mr B’s emporium in Bath. The reading spa involves a chat about books, with tea and cake with one of their specialist, they will then present me with a pile of suggested titles they think i’ll like and I have a £50 voucher to spend. In sounds amazing, and i’m sure to come away with many, many books. However, seeing as this would be adding to my current pile of many, many books, I’ve taken inspiration from a ‘read my own books’ challenge I heard about and set myself a challenge.

Last year I read 72 books, the reading spa is in July, so I’ve set myself a challenge to read and redistribute 30 books currently on my bookshelf without adding any new ones! This is definitely going to be my toughest challenge of the year, so if I do succeed of course i’m going to reward myself. So, over the following months i’m also going to be adding the odd £1 or two to this little pot . .


. . . and if I succeed in my challenge, this little pot and its contents will be coming to Mr B’s with me!

Let the countdown commence!!

Screenshot_20200109-180034_Samsung Experience Home

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