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Book review: Monster, She wrote by Lisa Kroger and Melanie Anderson.

I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

I loved the concept behind this book, as a fan of gothic horror, and a lover of information, I was looking forward to getting a lot out of this.

The book is divided into eight parts, each focusing on a certain type of Horror or ‘Weird’ fiction. Within each part is a short introduction to each author and their works. Followed by a recommended reading list of the authors works, and other similar authors works.

As I said, in principle this book sounded great. Unfortunately it fell a bit short for me. It was full of some great facts, and I did come away learning something, but just as I was really getting my teeth into an interesting story or fact about an author, they moved onto the next thing. leaving me hanging!

Another note of discord for me was some of the references. Despite the fact there are a number of British authors featured, it didn’t feel like the book was aimed at an international audience. There were quite a few references to TV shows, magazines, and other authors that never quite made it over the pond. Unfortunately at times it just felt like I was involved in a conversation riddled with private jokes that I would never really ‘get’.

It’s not all bad though, as there were some nice illustrations within the book. My ARC hadn’t been formatted properly yet for me to get the most out of the illustrations, but from what I can see they’ll add a nice little touch to it. Plus, If this has done anything it has peaked my interest. I now want to find out more about a few authors and their works, and I have a few more books on my TBR list.

In summary, it is really a good book if you like just little titbits of information and a recommended reads list. If you want more in depth information, avoid.

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