Book Dragon: On Air

So, a funny thing happened today. I was on the radio.

Ok, so a little background may be needed here.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by someone at our local radio station, Felixstowe radio, who was interested in the fact I was the Felixstowe Book Dragon and wondered if I would go on their afternoon show and talk about it. Well, I never pass up a chance to talk about books, on any forum, so of course I said “Yes”. A very friendly fella called Rob Dunger (those not from the Felixstowe area may recognise him from his weekend shows on BBC Radio Suffolk) emailed me for a bit of background and a date was set.

I have to admit that nerves did start to settle in a bit this morning, in fact nerves started to settle in a bit yesterday. I started thinking about the show and suddenly went into a panic, “What if he asks me something about my life that I don’t know the answer to?”. I’ll just let that sentence sit there for you to think about, until you come to the same realisation that I did after about two hours of trying to write out my life story. It’s my LIFE, what am I not going to know about it?!!

So, with nerves a jangling I headed to the radio station this morning, and arrived about 20 minutes earlier than I needed to. It couldn’t have been a more relaxing and friendly environment. Being a local voluntary radio station it was just Mr Dunger in the studio, and to ease me in we had a little talk (and a cup of tea) in between songs. It was such a productive talk too, I’ve got so many ideas for things to do with the Book Dragon over the next few months. I may even expand my social media standing to Twitter.

Next thing I knew it was 12:20 . . and it was SHOWTIME!


We spent the next 30 minutes just having a nice little chat, my fears about stumbling over my words were unfounded. I didn’t gabble on for hours about nonsensical stuff, I actually thought I was quite clear and coherent (if I do say so myself). Although there was an odd moment, when Rob asked a question I didn’t quite understand, where I just laughed nervously muttered “I love books” then apologised. I’m hoping that the rest of the interview went so well it just glossed over my Brick Tamland moment.

In my defence the question was based around how hard it is to find time to read with other life distractions. Seeing as that is far from being a problem I suffer from it’s no surprise I didn’t understand what that meant!

The whole segment did in fact go really well, Rob has even invited me back to do a book feature on one of the shows, with a possible build up to other opportunities in the near future . . .

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