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Book Review: ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ by Megan Rossi

I chose this book because I have a keen interest in healthy eating. I’m not a major healthy eater (I’m the wrong size and shape for that) but I try to make good food choices, I like cooking from scratch, and i’m interested in the science of food. ‘Eat yourself healthy’ also appealed to me as it didn’t come across as a standard diet and weight loss book, this seemed to just be focusing more on the whole health of your body.

This is a really informative book, Megan Rossi knows her stuff and relays that information in a straight forward and understandable way. The book is also interactive, as you can follow links (if you have the e-book version, hardcopy readers will just have to do it the old fashioned way and type in the web address) to take different types of self assessments. So you can learn where you are within mind and body at the moment of reading, and take re-assessments along the way to track your journey.

Of course this wouldn’t be a complete healthy eating book if it didn’t contain some recipes, so of course it does. There are some ‘interesting’ recipes within, not all to my taste, and some contain ingredients way beyond my standard shopping list but they could be worth a try. (The sautéed Brussel sprouts and tenderstem broccoli with pesto and wild rice sounds tempting)

My top take away from ‘Eat yourself healthy’ is the suggestion for gut goodness bowls. Rossi provides you with various ingredients divided into columns like ‘Fibre Base’ ‘Fermented Flavours’ ‘Healthy fats’ and ‘Dress and Coat’. You then essentially mix and match ingredients from these columns to create your own gut goodness bowl. I think its a great idea, you know you’re making healthy choices, and with just a few ingredients you can create a whole variety of different choices.

On the whole ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ is a useful and informative book, not exactly ground-breaking in the science and diet department but still a great source of information.

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