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Reading Rush 2020: Day 3

Had a day off today, so it was well and truly a day dedicated to The Reading Rush.

Managed to participate in a couple of Twitter Sprints, one of them led by the lovely Claire Fenby. I first encountered her during a Twitter Sprint last year, and subscribed to her Youtube channel. I later found out she also had an Instagram (which is the platform I’m more at home with) so I’ve been following her on Instagram since. She has such a well presented Bookstagram. I really hope she plans out her posts and doesn’t just aim and click, because that would really add to my feelings of inadequacy!!

Obviously participated in the Instagram challenge, which was ‘Take a picture of your pet with your current read’. Seeing as Poppy tends to run away from me every time i get the camera out, Daisy had to help me with this one. The eagle eyed of you may notice (once you’ve read the rest of this post) that this isn’t actually my current read. I wish I could say it was strategically planned to fit in with the lighting and the colouring, the truth is I just didn’t fully read the challenge!!

Take a Picture of your current read with your pet

I love how she looks like she’s trying to do an ‘arty’ pose, when really it was more of a “what the hell are you doing now?” pose.

So, ‘From Russia with Love’ was todays book. I think this was the ‘First book you touch’ prompt, but it could also work for the ‘Movie to Book’ prompt. Anyway, I’m pretty lucky to be cursed with a shocking memory. Lucky because when I read books after watching the movie version, 95% of the time I’ve forgotten what happens so can enjoy the story but I do have the added bonus of being able to visualise the characters and scenes really well.

I’ve got to admit I was a little disappointed with James Bond in this one, not the story actual James Bond. I’ve read a few James Bond novels in the past and he seems to have gone a bit soft in this one. Plus there’s a part of the story where Bond encounters a Russian hitman in disguise as a British agent, and even though I know he’s a Russian hitman because he was introduced earlier in the book, i was still baffled that Bond was falling for the act. I was literally screaming at the book as to how Bond can’t see that this guys a bad’un, he was even making excuses for some of the hitman-in-disguise’s odd behavior. It all ended well though . . . ish.

So I finished the book, i’m well on track with this challenge, and here are my stats.

Stats for Day 3 are:
Pages read: 259
Time spent Reading: 4hrs 10mins
Books Finished: 1

Challenge so far Stats:
Pages read: 633
Time spent Reading: 9hrs 55mins
Books Finished: 3 (A Country to call Home, the Snows of Kilimanjaro, From Russia with love)

also a couple more badges earnt . .

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