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Reading Rush 2020: Day 4

Today was not a good day, full of good intentions, but not good enough.

It was another day off, so potentially another day to devote to reading. I do volunteer in a charity shop in the morning and deliver books to people self isolating afterwards, but all that is usually done by 12 so still plenty of time for reading.

Well, my first problem occured after about an hour sitting in my favourite, ever so comfortable, reading spot. Because I’d gotten up so early that morning, I began to get a little sleepy and dozed off for a bit, losing a whole hour of reading time. STRIKE ONE!

So, I endeavour to really get into my reading after my little power nap. Unfortunately my husband figured out he got paid a day early and wanted us to go food shopping, as we’re currently giving Old Mother Hubbard a run for her money. We got home about 2 hours later. STRIKE TWO!

After dinner I do a little mathematical equation, and based on my average reading speed if I really focused on reading for the rest of the evening, I could actually finish my book by bedtime. Unfortunately I didn’t factor in my husband’s TV watching. His television choices don’t usually distract me, but whilst browsing for something new to watch he came across the BBC Miniseries of ‘Dracula’ with Claes Bang, and I loved that series. I tried so hard not to get distracted, but there are so many good moments in that series and I also needed to make sure that my husband was paying proper attention to the good bits too. My reading progress was slow and laboured. STRIKE THREE!! (It’s a bloody good TV Show though!)

I did not finish todays book, which was Frankenstein, in fact I barely made it halfway through.

I did not participate in any Twitter Sprints, I didn’t even join in on todays Instagram challenge.

No Badges earnt today, and todays sorry looking stats are . .

Stats for Day 4 are:
Pages read: 167
Time spent Reading: 3hrs 25mins
Books Finished: 0

Challenge so far Stats:
Pages read: 800
Time spent Reading: 13hrs 20mins
Books Finished: 3 (A Country to call Home, the Snows of Kilimanjaro, From Russia with love)

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