A New Hope

It’s been a sad time for the Book Dragon.

My lIttle free Library sprung a leak! Everytime it rained the books were getting wet then going mouldy, it was such a shame to see.

I had made several attempts to fix it unfortunately the fixes never lasted long. I finally conceded that a roof repair/replacement is far beyond my carpentry skills and finances did not permit me to get it properly repaired. So, with a heavy heart, we had to retire the library.

Not long after that I received a phonecall to say that the local fire department had just attended a fire in the Sea Front gardens as someone had set fire to the box of books I leave there. For all the years that I’ve been leaving books in that box I’ve encountered many things. Torn books, books thrown in the bushes, books thrown into the rafters of the shelter, even the whole box has been thrown in the bushes a couple of times, but I always persevered. However, now that somebody has actually set fire to it, aside from being utterly moronic, it’s dangerous. So I decided to draw a line under that little venture too.

This all within a few days of each other is enough to dampen anyones spirits, however I am a BOOK DRAGON, I love books and I will not let mindless vandalism prevent me from spreading the joy of reading. So I’ve taken this opportunity, along with the Covid restrictions being lifted, to start up my book drops again. HURRAH!

. . . and to continue the new beginnings theme have a look at my new cold frame, growing lost of lovely veg for planting out at my allotment (I have acquired an allotment this year, but thats another story) look familiar

I’ll also pull my finger out and get on the blog more.

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