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August Roundup: Did I make it?

What a month! The last time I posted was at the begining of August and I had set myself a stellar challenge. In fact, it was so out of this world that when I wrote that post it was the 5th of August and I was already behind schedule. To refresh, the challenge was to… Continue reading August Roundup: Did I make it?

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Happy New Bookish Year

New Year, New Me, New Book club! Well, two of those at least. It is most certainly a new year, i have joined a new book club, but im not bothering with all the falafing about with new resolutions. So, the new book club. Unfortunately due to a lack of interest my old book club… Continue reading Happy New Bookish Year

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August Round-Up

Oh what a month, busy busy busy. So the first book of the month was The Black Death by John Hatcher. This was actually my reading roulette for July, but I was a bit behind on Julys books so it got bumped to Augusts reads. I bought this book when it was first released as… Continue reading August Round-Up

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The Pisces by Melissa Broder

Lucy is a student who doesn’t really know what she wants in life, and after an acrimonious break up from her boyfriend. Her sister throws her a lifeline, giving Lucy a break from her desert life in Phoenix, her sister asks Lucy to housesit for her whilst also attending a local therapy group. So Lucy… Continue reading The Pisces by Melissa Broder