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Subscription for Book Lovers

So very Excited!! I received a little gift today. Basically, ever since Waterstones quarterly magazine went the way of the Dodo I've been trying to find a regular source for information on new book releases and such. I know there are plenty of webpages and blogs out there (my go-to one for the last few… Continue reading Subscription for Book Lovers

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March Round up 3 for 2!

So, another month draws to a close and seeing as I have been woefully neglecting this blog (I blame Homer!) You are now going to get 3 reviews for the price of 2! You lucky, lucky people! So what do I have to show for my month? I did read 7 books (I'm including a… Continue reading March Round up 3 for 2!

Penguin reading challenge

Things fall apart

I was very confused by February's 'Penguin Reading Challenge', as I don’t think I got one. Their February newsletter did recommend ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as a valentine read so potentially that may have been my classic recommendation for the month, however I’ve already read that one so I decided this month to go for January's… Continue reading Things fall apart

Penguin reading challenge

Persuasion by Jane Austen

I’m always a little dubious about certain ‘Classics’. Give me a Charles Dickens or an HG Wells any day of the week and I’m happy. I become a little more dubious around what I call ‘society’ classics, like George Elliot and Jane Austen. It all stems from the time I read Middlemarch and found it… Continue reading Persuasion by Jane Austen