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Reading Rush 2020: day 6

Praise be to wet weather and mandatory face coverings. A slow day at work means I'm now back on track! I had 'The Communist Manifesto' as my prompt for 'a book beginning with the word The' It's a short read so I had planned to read it today anyway as I knew I wouldn't have… Continue reading Reading Rush 2020: day 6

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Reading Rush 2020: Day 5

Officially it's day 5, in my mind it's day 4.5 as I finally finished yesterdays goal. I finished 'Frankenstein' today, but due to social engagements I didn't get a chance to start any other books, as a result I am now a day behind schedule. So, today no little anecdotes, or interesting little factoids, just… Continue reading Reading Rush 2020: Day 5

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Reading Rush 2020: Day 4

Today was not a good day, full of good intentions, but not good enough. It was another day off, so potentially another day to devote to reading. I do volunteer in a charity shop in the morning and deliver books to people self isolating afterwards, but all that is usually done by 12 so still… Continue reading Reading Rush 2020: Day 4

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Reading Rush 2020: Day 3

Had a day off today, so it was well and truly a day dedicated to The Reading Rush. Managed to participate in a couple of Twitter Sprints, one of them led by the lovely Claire Fenby. I first encountered her during a Twitter Sprint last year, and subscribed to her Youtube channel. I later found… Continue reading Reading Rush 2020: Day 3

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Reading Rush 2020: Day 2

Another work day for me, so all spare time devoted to reading and Instagram challenges. No Social Media play today. I've got tomorrow off though so hopefully can join in some Twitter sprints then. Day Two's book was 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro' by Ernest Hemingway. I've read a few of Hemingway before, so I think… Continue reading Reading Rush 2020: Day 2

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Reading Rush 2020: Day 1

Off to a very good start. My first book of the challenge was 'A Country to Call Home' an anthology edited by Lucy Popescu. It's a collection of Poems, stories and essays based on the experiences of young refugees. I used this book for the 'Genre I want to read more of' prompt because I… Continue reading Reading Rush 2020: Day 1

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The Reading Rush 2020

It’s that time of year again! It’s Reading Rush time! I know I’ve only joined in this once before, but I enjoyed myself so much last year I have literally been looking forward to this all year. Add to this the fact that The Reading Rush team have gone all out this year, and I’m… Continue reading The Reading Rush 2020

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The ULTIMATE Book Challenge

Any followers will know I participated in my first proper reading challenges last year, I had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed myself. So of course I was keen to really hit the ground running with challenges this year. Of course there's my Goodreads challenge, that goes without saying. I haven't taken part in… Continue reading The ULTIMATE Book Challenge

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Reading Rush – Day 7 (Final Day)

As I write this readers across the pond are taking part in one of the final Twitter Sprints of The Reading Rush 2019, but I have finished! Technically I finished my challenges on Day 6, but I got an extra couple of reads in and ended up just one book shy of the 'read seven… Continue reading Reading Rush – Day 7 (Final Day)

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Reading Rush – Day 6

I'm a bit 50/50 on my feelings at the end of today. I don't feel like I've read much today, but because I'm ahead of schedule I have actually finished my TBR pile and completed all the badges I'd aimed for AND started another book. Maybe it's because I know we're getting to the end… Continue reading Reading Rush – Day 6